Anastasia Muna
Beyond the Frame

Friday, 25 April, 19:30-22:00

26 April - 22 May

Artist Statement:
I have always enjoyed how the manipulative cropping of a photograph can present an altered state of the world. Truths become blurred, essentially transforming them into lies.

The funny thing is that photography was originally seen as a medium that objectively represented reality - a universal, unchanging truth. However, with the rise of post-modernism and the advent of the digital age, the perception of truth has been altered. Today, truth is a socially-constructed idea that is ever-changing. Images are, in fact, slices of life, selected, framed and curated.

This photo essay explores the relationship between the viewer, the subject and that which we cannot see. The subjects of the photos are all looking to their right, at something that is outside of the viewer’s vision.

This simple act of cropping creates a strong tension at the border of the photo. We want to know what is beyond it, what has captured these people’s interest, but this is something we can never know. In fact, the point of interest for these people is irrelevant. Rather it is the fact that the viewer cannot see what they are looking at that produces purpose.

Therefore, it is not the people in the photographs that are the subject but rather the border of the photograph. This is the dividing line that separates constant and absolute truth from a truth that is constantly changing.

If reality is relative, viewed through our own frames of reference, and frames of reference shift over time, it naturally follows that our ideas of truth will change over time as well.

The photos now can simply be defined as portraits of frames.