Office X

Monday 29.04. – Friday 03.05.2013
10:00 – 20:00

Opening Night:
Friday 03.05.2013

Dear all,

We are very happy to tell you that our first 'Domain X Gallery' exhibition is coming up. We have the opportunity to use the Staycation Museum gallery space to show our 'Domain X Gallery'. For one week we will open 'Office X' — as a fragment of the 'Domain X Gallery' — which continues asking questions around the process of setting up our own gallery.
   How is a gallery in a gallery an exhibition?
      How is 'Office X' in a gallery space an exhibition?
         How is exposing exhibiting?
            How is a gallery a gallery?
               How is any space a gallery?
                  How is an exhibition always accompanied with the public?
                     How is the virtual also the physical?
During this week you are all invited to fill in the 'call for submissions form' and propose an idea for a virtual project in our Domain X Exhibition space. We will position ourselves behind our Office X desk, and provide a visual / theoretical wall installation for you which tries to support your submission. It formulates more questions questions and questions to answers, in combination with visual and written elements from the 'Domain X Archive'. The Domain X Team will work every working day on the wall installation, and also develop an exhibition catalogue in the course of the week.

Download the 'call for submission' form online at, or come along at Office X in the Weserstraße 57, Berlin, Neukölln. We are open from 10:00 till 20:00h at Monday the 29th of April until Friday the 3rd of May. We are looking forward to hear about your ideas, answers and contributions. Submission deadline: 3rd of May, 12:00h (noon).

Friday 3rd of May, 19:00h is the OPENING (closing) NIGHT.

Follow the developments of 'Office X' at our twitter account: @DomainXGallery.

All best,
till soon,

Domain X Team
Manetta & Mirte

Link: Domain X Gallery